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Handmade Clocks - Including Found Objects, Painting, and Assemblage


   Dean Martin         SA Rose clock        Phantom clock

   Dean Martin 78rpm record clock- $35                     
San Antonio Rose 78rpm record clock- $35           
Phantom of the Opera 33rpm record clock- $35

   Cars clock      Elton clock       Men at Work
The Cars 33rpm record clock- $35                            
Elton John 33rpm record clock- $35                  
Men at Work 33rpm record clock- $35

   Rudolph       Dance       My Fair Lady clock

  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 78rpm record- $30   Dance Discotheque 33rpm record clock [SOLD]        My Fair Lady 33rpm record clock [SOLD]

   Elvis 33rpm record clock [SOLD]                          
Elvis Love Me Tender 45rpm on wood [SOLD]        Pops Out West 33rpm record clock [SOLD]

   The Beach Boys
33rpm record clock
Big Band 33rpm red record clock [SOLD]             Longhorn Band 33rpm record clock [SOLD]



  Clocks made from wood wine crates with painting and assemblage [SOLD]          Clocks made from 33 rpm records [SOLD]

   WW Clock                 Phoenix                Doom

  Wonder Woman- painting/decoupage on wood [COMMISSION- SOLD]        
Phoenix and Doom CD games, hand-painting on wood [SOLD]

   78s    CD clocks      
  Clocks made from 78 rpm records [SOLD]                        Clocks made from CDs [SOLD]              45 rpm records on painted wood [SOLD] 



  Clocks with objects wired to hardware cloth [SOLD]                                         Mixed media Route 66 clock on wood [SOLD]


   Painted wood mini chair clock      Map on wood, moving airplane [SOLD]       Wood box with fabric accents [SOLD]

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